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Defining the Crash Problem

Posted on April 27, 2011 at 11:40 AM

"Crash" is a growing popular term to replace the term "accident". Crash is thought of as a more politically correct term since "accident" implies that it is unavoidable as in: "it was an accident, we could not have done anything about it," while "crash" avoids this kind of implication. A crash is essentially a failure in the system. Most of the time this failure is foreseeable and avoidable with proper planning.


Even though it is often thought of as a significant issue in Egypt, crashes without injuries (property damage crashes) are not as important when the problem is viewed worldwide. Even the economic consequences of injuries are far more significant than property damage. Most of the focus of resources to solve the crash problems is on crash injury prevention, be it through Active Safety (crash avoidance) or through Passive Safety (crash protection).


Crash avoidance is self explainable, it means avoiding "severe" crashes all together as much as possible. Crash protection deals with designing the vehicles to prevent severe injuries - and of course fatalities - when crashes could not be avoided.


Injuries in turn are identified as a health issue, for example: Center for Disease Control (CDC) identifies crash injuries as a disease. Road crash injuries are the second highest cause of death in Egypt after heart diseases.



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